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large_DSC04422.JPGlarge_1442d480-5867-11e8-a112-37c7f7ff728d.JPGlarge_DSC03391.JPGlarge_DSC04437.JPGlarge_13f7c1c0-5867-11e8-a112-37c7f7ff728d.JPGlarge_DSC03387.JPGlarge_DSC03361.JPGlarge_DSC03383.JPGlarge_DSC03353.JPGlarge_DSC04427.JPGlarge_DSC04418.JPGWas arriving in Zagreb in the early morning and i spent some time sightseeing. Zagreb has a lot of buildings in the Imperial Austrian style (feeling allmost at home), but also some interresting Art Deco buildings and several fairly interresting museums.
The Museum of Arts and Crafts (MUZEJ ZA UMJETNOST I OBRT) was built 1880 as a mixture of museum and art school and has objects from the 4. to 20. century. When i was there, there was a excellent exhibition about Art Deco
The Museum of Arts and Crafts is across the National Theater.
In the middle of the Trg Zrtava Fasizma (place) was 1933 to 1938 the Meštrovic Pavilion built as the House of Fine Arts, it became a mosque during the war, with minarets, and after the war the Museum of the Revolution. Its renovated now and hosting a lot of art exhibitions.
Went then by night train to Beograd.

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large_DSC05052.JPGlarge_DSC05049.JPGlarge_DSC05061.JPGlarge_DSC05060.JPGlarge_DSC05044.JPGlarge_DSC05041.JPGlarge_DSC05038.JPGlarge_DSC05037.JPGI came by train from Villach to Lesce-Bled then by local bus.
Bled is a small town on a beatiful lake, about 140 meters above the lake is the over 1000 years old Bled Castle with Romanesque tower and Renaissance buildings. Bled it is also access point for Triglav National Park.
To Ljubljana i took the bus.

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large_DSC05001.JPGlarge_DSC04929.JPGlarge_DSC04954.JPGlarge_DSC04956.JPGlarge_DSC04931.JPGlarge_DSC04933.JPGlarge_DSC05015.JPGlarge_DSC04996.JPGlarge_DSC04984.JPGlarge_DSC04948.JPGlarge_DSC04982.JPGlarge_DSC04930.JPGBy bus from Bled.
Ljubljana looks in many ways like a Austrian town with many buildings in the Austrian Baroque style and medieval buildings. From the castle you have a great view and there is a virtual museum. There are also several building by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik in Vienna influenced by Otto Wagner.
And by train to Zagreb.

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large_IMGP2222.JPGlarge_IMGP2239.JPGlarge_IMGP2234.JPGlarge_IMGP2218.JPGlarge_IMGP2221.JPGlarge_IMGP2233.JPGArriving by (slow) nightrain from Zagreb.
Did have a look at the Knez Mihailova Street, the main pedestrianiced streetin Belgrade and at the Beelgrade Fortress.
It was then more convinient go to Skopje by bus.

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large_DSC01977.JPGlarge_DSC01972.JPGlarge_DSC01983.JPGlarge_DSC01989.JPGlarge_DSC01973.JPGlarge_DSC01974.JPGWas comming by bus from Beograd
I was in Skopje before, was not planning to do much sightseeing, this time mostly for more convenient transportation (there would have been also a direct bus from Ohrid to Sofia, but with inconvenient departure and arrival times).
In Skopje are now lot of new monuments and statues, partly of a giant size and also many new neoclassical and other unusual styled buildings, a bit questionable this new development, particular when seeing much more beggars then before.
Stayed again at the quite good Shanti Hostel close to the bus and train station and not too far from the town center.
And took a bus to Priština.

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